“There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.” – Dr. Who

Do you remember what it felt like being a kid? When you didn’t have the care in the world and threw caution in the wind. Never mind all the injuries you got while you were playing patintero or agawan-base with all the kids from your village, you always went home with a smile on your face. And how about that spaghetti on your friend’s birthday parties? The hotdogs on a stick, with marshmallows at both ends?

Everybody at the NMS office was transported back to their childhood for the monthly BBQ party. The week leading up to the “For adults only ‘Kids’ party” saw the race to decorate each department’s nook at the office in-line with the theme. The office was transformed into one big Kiddie Land! The kids from a neighboring school came in batches to visit and were all in awe, not only of the office but also with the grown-ups dressed like children!

The PR Comms Department hosted this month’s get-together, recreating a children’s birthday party. There were fun-filled games and loot bags were given to the winners. And yes! Everybody ate spaghetti and hotdog with marshmallows. ^___^

It was a really fun being kids again… even if it was just for a day. Tons of pictures coming up!


HR Department



Creative Department


PR Comms Daycare Center


Call Center Department

Who's that kid? At anong nangyari sa cute na batang yun??? :D


More food!!!


Old kids on the block

New Age superhero

The Marshmallow Game. How many marshmallows can you put in your mouth? :)

Adult version of "Pin the Donkey's Tail".


Too far!!!

Maria went to town


The after-party party

Until the next BBQ party!