read then read this.

Sorry Erwie, in advance. ๐Ÿ˜€

1. You don’t know how to pick – You have low/no standards, meaning you’re always available – which makes everyone you plan to date consider you as the last resort.

2. You’re too nice – so you end-up friendzoned either because they don’t see you as being exclusively nice to them or because you’re too nice that love just doesn’t have time to grow (much like an over-fertilized plant won’t grow).

3. You’re too patient – waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting……

4. You like making first move too eagerly – you’re way too interested, making you annoying. Putting your best foot forward but being unable to maintain that level (maybe too much cologne too?).

5. The prospect of Commitment encourages you – you end up communicating way too much to establish a relationship. Making you seem eager, even when you’re supposed to simply act as a friend (and word gets around so people avoid you).

6. You feel overly worthy of love – thinking you’re good enough for anyone and that a true commitment means they have to accept you without you adjusting the least bit.

Extra: #7. You put too much trust and reliance on articles like this (or the previous one). Here’s a tip, maybe you should stop researching and reading about why you’re single and simply start asking yourself why.