Since we moved to the New Office here at PEZA, the first thing I noticed was how different our expenses were as compared to our old POEA office (and the Mansion for that matter).

It got me thinking… and Editing. It’s been over a year since I last created a Finding Memo Entry – so here it goes…:P

1. The 4 Peso Bill – for buying a stick of Marlboro Gold. No awkward wait as the “manang” looks for change. Just pay and go…


2. The 11 Peso Bill – for Jeepney Fare from town to PEZA


3. The 30 Peso Bill – Good for One Coconut (Juice and Coco-meat) or for 10 Pesos each of Kikiam, Chicken Balls and Squid Balls


4.  The 45 Peso Bill – Great for Budget Meals (Meat plus Vegetable and Rice ONLY)



5. The 150 Peso Bill – The basic contribution for “Despsdida Parties” and othe”Special Occassions” where everyone is expecting food. Choices include: Pizza, Pansit, Chicken, Pasta, Liquor (after hours), Loaf Bread, Soda, Cake etc…

6. The 300 Peso Bill – Specifically created for DUYAN RESTOBAR/CAFE. This Bill gets you 1 Bucket of Red Horse (6 Bottles plus 1 Promo!)


7. The 550 Peso Bill also known as the “Supremo Bill” or “Mole Money” – The basic contribution of each person who get’s left behind after a night of drinking where every person who went home “forgot” to pay their share.


8. The 8000 Peso Bill – Made specifically for those who always forget to open a bank account (every month) and prefer to be “hand-paid for the time-being”.



9. The 1 Peso Coin or “Pambili ng Kausap” Coin

10. The 2 Peso Coin or “Dos mo nga Bro…” Coin


The Unprinted money of Mainland China the “Xien Ni Fuh”


:) ~ Yabs Dee