Author: Kuya Em (Marcos F.L. Velasco), Production Staff 

Everything that happened to me has a good reason. I am amenable of this.

It was 2007 and I was expecting our baby to be born in September. I was so excited to have a son.

I prepared a lot for his coming. I was even thinking of good names for him. I took good care of the precious womb he was still living in and gave a complete pre-natal care for the one bearing him.

However, not all the time that life is on our side. One day, the doctor approached us for some very sad news.

Upon checking on the results of ultrasound, the doctor found out that my yet-to-be-born son had no heart beat. The doctor could not explain it.

I was terribly heartbroken. No father would take such news easy. It seemed to me that my dream of fatherhood also died and lost to oblivion.

It has been six years already. The tragedy paved a good way for me to move on and forward I must go. I lift my son’s mother up to God’s hands. She now has a separate life.

My son Gabriel is now in heaven with God. Who knows, he will pave a way for me to find love once again! Maybe, be back with the woman I once married. Only God’s plan will prevail on me.

I do believe in “Cupids” – an angel, perhaps my son is.

I am happy now where he is. He is there so close to God. And I know that he guides me, his papa, day by day with God even if he was only allowed to be ours for three months.



Image Source: Shattered Magazine