On a galaxy far far away, New Media Services, an Australian company that provides back end support services, welcomed another set of guests for the year 2016. Not aboard the “Deathstar”, but rather inside their company building “also known as the white padded room”. This time, the company’s aim was to give the visitors a firsthand look and experience of an actual operation in the Creative Department. Tho what they create is still a mystery. The visitors are CICT (College of Information and Communications Technology) students from the University of Batangas (Lipa) that were on an Educational Tour around the different provinces of the Philippines. University of Batangas (UB Lipa), formerly known as Western Philippine Colleges, was established in 1946 by a pioneering group of Batanguenos committed to serve the community. As of now, it is dubbed as an educational leader in the Southern Tagalog Region with its growing system of Elementary, High school and College Departments.

The delegates have arrived for Tour de' Creative

The delegates have arrived for Tour de’ Creative

The delegates were formally greeted with welcoming remarks from Ms. Ermae Bautista followed by a discussion about the company’s overview by no other than the Head of Human Resource Department himself, Mr. Karl Andrei Aguilar. Everyone was so tense like Ewoks on espresso (2 shots) and at the same time excited to push thru with the tour. However, NMS, as everyone may already know, never misses the chance to integrate fun to every activity that they conduct. In order to break the ice and allow the students to loosen up a bit, they were invited by the team to play a game of Q and A. The catch is, in every correct answer given by a participant, a surprise reward is waiting to be claimed. With that, the edgy atmosphere lightened up which gave way for a calmer weather which is well suited for learning.


Ms Maye Bautista welcomes the delegates from the University of Batangas

The rest of the afternoon and the next day were spent discussing about Website Design and Development Processes, from how it is carefully planned/designed, prototyping, coding, until its deployment. The NMS Creative Department took the initiative to show a practical way of designing and developing a website that is based from a client’s needs and demands. The students also learned website design and development success is not determined by the developer’s skills alone, rather, it is a combination of their skills, meeting client requirements as well as outside factors such as competition, charges, trends and developments in the industry.


Head of Human Resources Karlo Aguilar takes the floor discussing the company overview

With all the knowledge and information imparted to the guests, New Media Services is confident that every student whom we would like to refer to as “Padawan learners” that took part in this wonderful collaboration will have their grasp of success 100%. May the force be with you!

IMG_4542 IMG_4585

Delegates huddle up as the Creative Team talks about the systems and applications.

The lovely instructors found a corner while the students are given a tour.

The lovely instructors found a corner while the students are given a tour.


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