Yesterday June 16, 2016, marked my sixth year in the company. From humble beginnings with 26 or 30 staff to this still growing company of new and old faces.

Back then it was really easy to remember people because there were so few of us. But as we grow, it becomes a challenge to know everyone. In honor of the Company, Boss, Execs, Managers and Staff, I’ve compiled a “Character Sheet” of the people I know and remember in the office.

For all those I have missed or have not had the pleasure of meeting, I look forward to knowing you all in due time.

Here we go:

Eyking, Martin – The Jack of all trades, the seller of ice to eskimos, Mr. “I’m a simple man”. Martin has always been the reason why we all have jobs, why we get second chances and for a few of us, beyond just making money, Martin is the reason we remain loyal, motivated and hopeful Efor the future.

Aguilar, Karlo Andrei Rodriguez – Martin’s #1. The pioneer of pioneers. Karlo is always well composed regardless of what or who he faces. He attacks problems not persons and sometimes he gets misjudged for it.

Ellamil, David Ulysis Espero – “The Other Ellamil”. Easy to call upon and noticeably polite. I’ve heard he’s just as talented in “fliptop” as his brother.

Gogoling, Zeigfred Chaluyan – Ziggy, our Mr. “going to the Bank” & “Dropping by BIR guy. He’s always open for a drink or two. He has that oldschool “cool” that you can only get from an all-boys education.

Khayad, Toni Jean Fillag – Miss Toni “Please don’t call me Tonyang”. Always a busy body. Always on a diet. And always remembers to greet you in the morning.

Kiat-Ong, Darling Rose Tangonan – Darl is our “Other Hobbit”. She always does her work on time and is never afraid to ask questions.

Leal, Rosanna Canilang – The woman I love most in NMS, Rosa is easy to talk to. She has “mountains” of experience and even when she’s angry, she’s still someone you can always rely on to get the job done.

Mamaril, Jillian Grad – She’s the girl with the squeaky voice that makes sure our attendance and pay records are always properly accounted for. Her best friend at the office is a little gray calculator. ☺

Mangaoang, Oscar Lopez – Kuya Oscar is our Jeemo Handyman, whenever I visit the Mansion, he’s always there to say hi and smile.

Nacionales Jr., Rafael Dulatre – “Atchurvey” as he is often called by his friends is one serious cookie. He’s there to make the tough decisions that nobody other than Martin can make. He is Martin’s “Muscle”.

Noza, Rowena F. – Mommy Roe is my SSS buddy. She fixes all the crap I face in terms of government related payments. She loves food (oh my god she loves food). She’s one of the first people I interact with from Monday-Friday. Giving bananas, apples and noodles.

Organo, Carl Gerald C – Gerald is the company driver more specifically for the our two CEOs. His pattern of office visits is like this: Park the Car, enter NMS, sit in the guest chair in Toni’s office and look at martin every 5 minutes to see if he’s ready to leave.

Peñaranda, Leonardo Labarda – Kuya Leo, our all-around, super industrious Employee of the Year. He does maintenance, makes sure our coffee is always available, drives to and from so many different office related business. He has a quality that Martin himself wishes all employees could emulate: the constant self motivation to do a good job.

Sangway Jr., Daniel Pimentel – Daniel is the “Sangway ng bayan”. He has probably interacted with all the staff at work at one point or another. He is David Ellamil’s Boyfriend.

Codinera, Samuel Roque – Elton is a nice guy. You give him a task, he does it in record time. With a little more motivation and time, I believe he is someone who has the potential to grow and succeed continuously…. OOPS… you’re not Elton are you?! Hi Sir! 😀 sorry. haha

Codinera, Elton Roque – Please refer to the above item. LOL

Cuevas, Razelle Benedicto – Zelle, our adventurous explorer. The Converse girl. The Hedgehog expert. She has slowly but surely blossomed into quite a unique person. Someone I have yet to compare to anyone I have ever met in my entire life.

Dallo, Sharon Menos – I had the opportunity to know Sharon back in Puerto Galera. She’s not really the silent type. She just isn’t the kind of person who chooses to talk incessantly. If there were ever an opposite to my personality, it would probably be Sharon (or Carol).

De Guzman, Amberdon Jensey Ballesteros – Don first caught my attention because of all the swooning girls during basketball games back in the Magsaysay days. I’m not too clear on this but I think he was also my trainee back when the Call Center Department was till in its early stages. He was a solid player, a polite coworker and now a serious family man with great plans for the future.

De La Cruz, Ian Jason De Leon – This is me. I’m the short guy that wears a hat all the time. With the loud yellow car that’s broken almost every week. NOTE: Donations will be accepted

Dela Cruz, Zaridel Ilarde – The bulk of our interactions involve the Pantry. She goes to pee and says “Hi Sir Yabs” and I say “Heleu”. Zaridel looks like she might be a bully like me only prettier. 😀

Dequilla, Joseph Sancho – This guy right here is one of my oldest friends in the office. We’ve had similar life experiences when it comes to family and for that reason, I value his opinion. We don’t see eye to eye sometimes but that’s what makes his opinion valuable

Domingo, Ace Brian Amor Ramos – Ace was one of the first few writers I have had the pleasure of working with. When he first joined NMS he was just a simple guy looking for the next path in his career. Now he has bloomed into a “Handsome Lady”. Trow? Trow!

Edades, Oliboyd Rimando – Oli is one of the children in the Sales and Marketing Department. The select few that get bullied by me on a regular basis. He’s a team player and follows the “Special Policies” created for Sales and Marketing.

Eyking, Maximillian Fletcher – Max has made a life here in the Philippines and shows the potential to grow into a mature and effective leader beyond the shadow of his Father and Boss Martin.. He has no difficulty making friends and seems to be very motivated.

Fernandez Jr., Federico Somera – I first noticed Fedz at one of our Christmas Parties years ago. He seemed to be open to the idea of having fun while you can. He is always there with his girlfriend which shows you he knows how to value relationships. He dances when dancing is needed, he laughs when laughter is called for and he is serious when things need to be serious.

Fianza, Sheena Mae Gampol – Sheena or “Sheens” as Ziggy would call her, has proven to all that a little push goes a long way; a little guidance creates good leaders. She’s established herself as a deserving leader and I can attest to the hard work and sleepless nights she has gone through to solve numerous problems that used to haunt CC.

Frias, Caroline Maneclang – Another of the “Older” employees, Carol is family oriented, works hard and always does what she’s expected to do as a Manager in NMS. I genuinely believe she has the potential for more; all that is needed is the right motivation

Garcia, Fritz Gerald Wacdisen – Fritz is one of those big tough guys with a soft spot for friends. He can be nice, he can be scary, he can be goofy and he can be loyal. At least that’s the Fritz I know.

Gesmundo, Donniecar Magpale – Donnie is my Car buddy, my “utang” buddy, lunch partner and has been there in all the serious, funny and tiring plans/activities. It was not always so… We had quite a few conflicts back then and we hardly saw ourselves as friends. Donnie is a Jack of all trades. Working hard in and out of the office to make an extra peso or two. All for the love of family, friends and his Car. ☺

Huang, Josephina Marie Villar – She sort of scares me. I don’t know why. But she scares me. Maybe because she’s not your typical girl, not your typical employee… I visited her facebook once out of curiousity, I saw a duck… a stalker duck. But nonetheless, my Sales and Marketing family would not be as successful as they are now without Phina. (BTW, you owe us food).

Inopia, Mario Jr. Mendoza – “Boy Kayod” – My favorite fresh lumpia guy. He is the type of person that knows the value of hard work. In all my interactions with him in the office, he has always had that smiling face.

Janipin, Jan Russell Quimada – Russell is they guy I noticed in production that does his job and enjoys a drink or two afterwards. I don’t think he’s an alcoholic… I just think he likes to stay clean inside and out. And that is why he drinks, because he’s disinfecting his internal organs.

Kedse, Betsy Mariano – Betsy seems to enjoy her job. She found good friends at work and when I try to bully her, she always knows how to block it off and end up bullying me. She’s frank and I respect that about her.

Labay, Kreena Paueluna Castro – Kreena is talented. She applied a few months back but Karlo and I saw that she was a very promising individual that should not be wasted. She has proven herself in that regard.

Lagura, Cher Rulloda – Cher is someone I see from time to time at the office, often assisting staff or sending me login requests. I can see that she has the ability to focus and if there is anything that causes her stress, she just pushes forward.

Landingin, Jeriel Vallejo – Jerjer has been with us for enough time that I have had the pleasure of working with him and drinking with him. He’s a reactive type of person who responds well when engaged. During our Exec and Managers’ getaway in Galera he was always asleep but refused to go to his room and miss out on anything fun. 😀

Laron, Ignacio Dacayanan – Lars… What can be said about him that has not been said before? Lars has changed a lot and quite frequently he surprises you by his ever changing character. He’s been up and successful, down and depressed, he has become complacent, he has become a dreamer, he has been a party boy and he has become a homebody. But what is reliable in Lars is that he is a good friend.

Leano, Merlene Eugenio – Chique as she is better known has been with NMS in almost all capacities. She is opinionated and strong willed. She has had experiences and stories only a few of us can match.

Linay, Jennifer Dumalili – I see Jen as both reserved and opinionated. She seems to choose her circles and involves herself only in what she feels strongly about.

Lintag, George Morales – George has proven himself as someone quite capable and driven by purpose. I can see how much focus he gives to what he does.

Liwanag, Peter Bright Pulido – Peter Bright Pulido Liwanag is a name you would not easily forget. His name literally means “Shining Flawless Light”. He is one of those creative minds that loves to compliment people’s ideas. Also based on google “Peter” is anther name for Penis. Just saying 😀

Lloren, Marie Antonette Lazaga – Tonyang as the car people know her as, works for Jeemo. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her before she was employed. She’s a certified car girl and she loves to travel and invest in experiences.

Mamaril, Brian Matthew B. – Brian has been with us since he was an OJT. He’s quite a capable and multitalented tech guy. Beyond his wide eyes, headphones and beard, beats the heart of a lover. He will fight and do rap battles for what he believes in; especially for the ladies. 😀

Maramba, Mark John Rivera – When I became the manager of Manpower Support a few years back, I noticed MJ embraced and accept her personality which she proudly shares with the world. She has a nice fashion sense and has the manner befitting a lady.

Marcial, Mark Kelvin Tan – as one of the faces of NMS Cares, Mark seems to have good rapport with his team. He is a great addition to NMS Cares.

Narnola, Jennifer Peralta – “Narnia” is another of the newer kids in the Sales and Marketing family. She’s miss Rowena Noza’s daughter-in-law I think. And because of our department tradition, I look forward to seeing her every payday, her birthday, her regularization.

Natividad, Dexter Vincent Sarmiento – Dex was a wild one from the drinking and party days of the past. He’s a skin art enthusiast and looks a little like OMJo. And just like OMJo, he is a very nice guy.

Nepomuceno, Jovilyn Crisca Claveria – When we used to have BBQ parties at the condo of Martin at the Office in Magsaysay, Crisca was always in the CC department just sitting there doing work. I didn’t know her name then except for “Yung babaeng kulot”. Crisca is a forward thinker and has plans for the future that I am certain will come true.

Ocampo, Jenny Lou Cainoy – Neneng J, one of the easiest persons to get along with at the office. Always polite, shows concern and well-mannered. She used to be one of our party and drinking buddies. But just like most of the “Magsaysay Era” employees, she has grown up and matured in her priorities.

Osian, Rexner Jhemuel Bacita – one of the easiest to identify at the office, Yhatz is a beautiful bombshell whose heart belongs to Karlo Aguilar. Sadly their romance cannot blossom because Karlo is a committed family man.

Palma, Ember Parpa – Miz Ember is the hyperactive soda addict of NMS Cares. She is tireless and a tries her best to keep moving forward despite challenges or stress.

Pariñas, Jerico Cajucom – Jerico was one of the first SEO personnel. He has since been part of other teams and other responsibilities. He is one of the few people I know who cares about the business and the freelancers.

Pelingan Jr., Theodoro Sulok – Theo is a pseudo-bully from the IT department. He tries and sometimes it works… The other times it doesn’t. His redeeming quality is that he doesn’t take things personally and does not prolong any conflicts. That is one of the factors that can create mature people.

Rabanera, Jessica Capuz – Babz added me on facebook a few days ago. My girl immediately asked with a little jealousy, “Who is Babz?” … so I opened my facebook and showed her. And she immediately said, “Sorry, I thought it was a girl.” 😀

Ramirez, Gizelle Agbon – I haven’t had the opportunity to hangout with Gizelle so I am unsure on who she is completely. But based on our Team Skype messages during the Olympics/In-House Games from last year, she seems to be a laid-back person who easily gets a joke, knows how to respond and can work with a team.

Ramirez, Jaime Magtira – Jaime is another of those smiling faces I always encounter during company events. He seems to like interacting with others but only retains a certain circle of people to call as true friends.

Reinoso, Mark Anthony Catubig – Mark recently became a dad and got hired in NMS a few days before that. He works fast and shows that asking questions does not make a person seem inferior, it actually makes them rich with knowledge and personal strength.

Reyes, Christian Noel Garcia – Dadi Chris or “Boy Banat” as the car people know him is as passionate as anyone can ever get. I’ve seen him grow from a closed-off individual, to an expressive co worker, eventually he has become a good friend. He is one of those unique thinkers that takes some getting used to; but once you understand his personality, you appreciate it.

Reyes, Dieneve Barcenal – Bevz has been with us for a long time. She’s one of those persons you’ll end up noticing at the office. She is unique in her own special and has faced quite a few problems in her life. These problems have made her stronger, tougher and more appreciative of the blessings she has.

Ricardo, Neil Alvin Ramos – Neil came from production and applied internally for a position in Sales and Marketing. He has proven to be a valued member of the team and I like his attitude of being ready to help whenever needed.

Rivera, Jhoanne Pio – The original Rockstar. Jhoanne is easy to talk to, industrious and reliable. I personally think she deserves all the blessings she has gained.

Romeo, Angelyn Escobedo – Another one of the easily noticeable persons in the office. I feel that Ange is critical of herself and that characteristic leads to self-improvement.

Ruaro, Mark Lawrence Chavez – Mark is the gentle giant of the IT Department. He got married some time ago and is now working on building family stability and security. He gains my respect for always being mild-mannered and open.

Saboy, Jordan Peril – Sir Jordan was my profile man in the past…. He tries to get the job done with or without help. He is a capable employee and he takes feedback maturely

Sales, Sophia Concepcion Bautista – Sofie is the next door neighbor I have NEVER seen in our area. She’s talented and focused at work and knows how to join in the fun when presented with the opportunity.

Salvan, Jayge William Espinas – Jayge as I have observed has leadership potential. He gives opinion, asks the right questions and does not focus solely on the big issues, but rather, he understands that the small

Simon, Rose-Ann Pillano – This lady right here seems to enjoy gatherings. She loves her family, maintains healthy friendships and as far as I know, does not get into any work-related trouble.

Singalaoa, Gweneviere Consul – Gwen used to be one of my smoking buddies in the old Magsaysay office. She’s friendly, social and easy to get along with.

Solano, Gian Joshua Farinas – Gian is a little mysterious in my opinion. He keeps his circle of friends fixed as I have seen. Despite that, he knows how to interact well with others knows the value of being part of a team.

Solano, Griffin Farinas – Griffin has had his ups and downs here in NMS but with proper focus and more time, he still remains as someone who can push for bigger and better things.

Solito, Erwilyn Lei Austriaco – The outspoken, ADHD queen of the trends… that’s Erwie. You’ll find no other person that can equal her enthusiasm or her passion. When she puts her mind to it, she can be a role model of self-control.

Soriano, Ben Mark De Ramon – When I first saw Ben Mark, he gave off a very serious and tough aura. But from what I’ve been able to gather, he’s actually a nice guy. It just goes to show that you can’t accurately judge anyone with just a look.

Suarez, Rowena Montes – Mizz Rowena has always had this respectful vibe surrounding her personality. She greets politely, talks professionally and does what she knows is right.

Torres, Mark Joseph Valdez – being Seph’s supervisor, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him break beyond expectations. He never ceases to impress me with his work ethic and eagerness to get the job done. Joseph Torres will forever have my respect and admiration.

Turla, Peter Paul Dela Cruz – How could anyone not know Peter “Venus” Turla. She’s a wild one. She exudes confidence and has a strong personality that makes her stand out.

Vicente, Jennifer Bernal – Phey is the type that chooses her friends wisely. She is generally nice and always properly composed. She takes pride in how comfortable she is with what she does, how she looks and what she says.

Vita, Craig Anthony Tadeo – Craig is another of those nice guy – tough guy people in the office. He respects you if you do the same. He stands his ground when he needs to and as I can see can be a really good person.

Roberts, Kazler Dalpasen – Kazler appears to me as someone with a mature mindset. A guy who exercises patience for the sole purpose of being polite and mysterious at the same time. To be honest I don’t know him all that well but he is one of the more noticeable people in the office.

Aldanese, May Joy Alim – Majoy, my squeaky voiced, big eyed, loud mouthed bully from Sales and Marketing. The department wouldn’t be the same if she wasn’t there to add life to it.

Alilis, Faith Tilado – Faith is one of the more self-reserved individuals in the office. I see her in and out of the office and she seems to be a girl of few words, especially towards people she does not know closely. I look forward to the day when she becomes more open and more confident in the face of strangers.

Andrada, Billy Alvin Jay Navora – Billy has established himself in my eyes as someone who values what is right and he knows how to cherish friendship. He does not protect friends when they need to be told the painful truth but he is careful not to be outright disrespectful.

Aspilan, Rudbeth – Rudbeth is strong-willed, gives importance to the essence of mutual respect. She is one of the tougher and more self-motivated people in the office.

Aspilan Jr., Rudy Canutab – Rudy was the first smoking buddy I had at the office. He was the one who discovered that I spoke Ilocano and was not a Fil-Am as a lot of people assumed on my first day. He is also the main contributor to my first ever success in Sales and Marketing under the JDI account. He is one of the most knowledgeable managers in this whole office.

Austria, Jeffrey Del-is – My 6th Anniversary in NMS is Jeff’s Birthday. I can see that he will be a very valuable addition to our team.

Baldovino, Melvin Ciubal – Vin Diesel is one of those impossibly happy people. He is always game for anything and takes feedback amazingly well. Watch him in Fast and the Furious 8 this coming 2017.

Balintec, Ann Karen L. – Kar-B is the new HR head, I had the pleasure of being there at her (and Brian’s) wedding in Zambales. She has consistently show how tough she is and her opinions need to be taken into consideration. With a little more time and added experience, she can be a leader that is both strong and encouraging.

Balintec, Bryan Masa – Bry-B is a genuinely nice guy. He’s smart, patient and allergic to negativity. In all the years I have known Bry-B, I have never really seen him angry. Maybe a little irritated but never angry. I’d like to learn his anger management style.

Ballesteros, Julius Pablo III Lachica – This guy here… this guy here… this guy here… Just kidding. Julius is another of the the guys you’ll meet in the office who is both courteous and responds to small-talk quite well. I like how he establishes eye contact at the start of a conversation. Few people do that now. 😀

Bautista Jr., Arlington Bucasan – Arlington just recently left NMS to emigrate to Canada (I think it was Canada). I met him in Nevada Square when I was still sidelining there a few years ago. I mentioned NMS to him and he asked if could apply. 2 weeks after that, he was part of the company.

Bugnay, Jordan M. – If I remember correctly, Jordan was an OJT when I first met him. He seemed to like NMS as a company and expressed his intention to work here as one of our Junior Programmers.

Bumanghat, Caryl Joy Uchu-e – Caryl is one of those not so common pretty faces at the office. She is also someone you can’t bully without getting bullied in return. She is way tougher than what you see on the outside.

Caballero, Fidel Ralph Palaganas – Nikki joined NMS as a CC agent and quickly moved up. Her prominent aura and outspoken nature contributed to her success.

Caballero, Jerry Legaspi – Jerry Bear became part of my team before being called upon to join the ranks of NMS Cares. He is a visionary whom I believe should be encouraged and nurtured. He requires a little push now and again but overall he is someone I admire.

Caballero, Sheree Mildred Palaganas – XheXhe.. my one time smoking buddy and drinking partner. She left us for a time to try a different career path and to focus on family. She came back and has been noticed. I think there’s a lot more in store for her in the future.

Cadalzo, Edray Baggao – Edray is another of the car guys in the office. He is a serious type but not unapproachable. I feel like Edray is the trype of guy that hates nonsense and values personal loyalty.
Godoy, Christine Martin – Tine is one of our Probationary employees in the Sales and Marketing Department. I hardly ever see her because of our different schedules but I have noticed that she needs a little guidance and focus. Something we in the department are 100% willing to give her. Also, I’d like to say sorry to her for always missing our department meals. 😐

Camua, Francine Jane Kalagui – Franz is such a nice girl. Recently she’s been moved up to the HR team which I truly believe she deserves. She’s loyal and never gets into trouble.Now that she’s in HR, I look forward to what she can do as she grows in her new career. ☺

Caoili, Joanne Fleur A – Joanne is nothing but trouble. Nothing but questions. She’s a smartass. And I love her for her character. She asks the questions nobody has the courage to ask. She pushes her limits so that everyone in her team understands how things are. She works really hard and gives the extra effort even when nobody asks her to. So even though I make her cry sometimes and I bully her to no end, I know that as an employee, there will be nobody else who will understand my mentality and attitude the way Joanne does. Next to Joseph Torres, Joanne is my most valuable team member. Plus she has a big butt. 😀

Castillo, Christopher Eric Caballero – PORONG or Uncle “Army” (Army-tanyo). I love picking on this guy. He’s patient and one hell of a hobbysist. He gets lost in what needs to be done sometimes but that’s what makes him such a memorable character. He will ask and he will learn.

Cayat, Roma Celino – My “Mainstream” writer. Roma is proof that good things come in very very very very small packages. She follows instructions and learns from feedback; someday soon she will find success as a Doctor of Laws and Letters… I have no doubt about that.

Pelien, Christine Joy Suyam – Christine is one of the newer “victims” of the Sales and Marketing Team. She seems to be a solid worker with no fear of hard work. I look forward to seeing her fully embrace our culture. I’d like to see her sit with the rest of the team but space does not allow for that. 😐

Catbagan, Fauve Fontanilla – This girl such a nice and simple smile. The type of smile that tells you, “I can be happy at any time”. I feel like she’s a very family-oriented person that also treasures good friends.

Del Rosario, Jeremias Oalma – “Khalim” is our new company driver. He takes the evening shift using our newly purchased van. I met him in passing when came to finalize his application. I think he will be a fine addition to the NMS Family.

To Those I have failed to describe either because of time constrains, lack of info or my mameory gap, I’ll get you all next time!

Santos, Jemmarie Killi
Sumabong, Ciarah Mae Torio
Suministrado, Diane Narra
Sustuedo, Jr., Rolando Hipol
Tuan, Annaliza Balao
Tudias, Kyla Marie Letac
Tulod, Jr., Fernando Alicoy
Valdez, Einner Louie Estrellado
Valdez, Janice Ann Caranta
Villanueva, Rhea E
Villanueva, Sev Lawrence Manuel
Viray, Harold De Leon
Walang, Mark Sahoy
Yadao, Jennifer Rimando
Cruz, William Jr Calica
Macadenden, Analiza Aguilar
Dalingay, Judith Desiree Olad
Dangla, Mary Grace B.
De Guzman, Jesusa Cacayuran
De Leon, Cocoy Parado
Diloy, Roger Duloyan
Dulawan, Jojo Pinkihan
Dumakit, Glenda Sagun
Eligio, Marvil Gabas
Escuadro, Hannah Louise Tumale
Fideles, Bernadette Galera
Fortes, Lovely Quero
Gacayan, Lydia Andawey
Gahid, Virginia Guhic
Gahidan, Westhler
Galmote, Jasmin Agustin
Gamido, Henry Rodolfo
Gantinao, Ray Angelo Dalludgong
Garcia, Kenneth Lorenz Tabay
Gayman, Charmaine Toyao
Geraldo, Michelle Alberto
Hernandez, Paul Henry Ong
Ignacio, Mitchel Marnee Balolong
Japson, Mildred Solimen
Jaquias, Beth Camanga
Lampesa, Vagkas Jake Faed
Laplana, Riza Tunac
Laroya, Jan Michael Javier
Lazaga, Erika Czarina Elegado
Lazarte, April Dulay
Magsiano, Marylou S.
Mendiola, Ferlan May Padre
Mendoza, Iris Mei Manzano
Mendoza, Kenneth Valenciano
Mendoza, Romeo Marcelo
Miguel, Achea Mae Senen
Mora, Paul Edwin Duntugan
Natemtem, Riza Chorachor
Obillo, Daniel Uy
Ocampo, Ederic Lawrence Boliney
Octubre, Khenan M
Page-et, Shane Allen N
Patnaan, Ralph Aizer K
Pekas, Dale Lee
Ramirez, Ma. Cristina Matias
Ramos, Josyl Torres
Roldan, Katherine Pimentel
Soda, Shirley Papat
Acosta, Rachell Encarnacion
Ana-as, Tessie Aboli
Aquino, Mark Khalil Encarnacion
Atolba, Marrah Daluyen
Bakisan, Jonalyn Peñera
Bangguiyao, Cynthia Wakas
Baquiran, Edmund Emmanuel Joshua Vinas
Bernardino, Jon Benedict Lachica
Biagtas, Roldan Lee Estigoy
Bueza, Maryangelica Pasaylo-on
Bummosao, Blesie Pumos-an
Caballero, Demeterio Pugong
Calindas, Maria Jennica Araquin
Camohoy, Jeremy Dulatre
Carino, Razel De Leon
Catanes, Harold Arandia