Do you believe in love at first sight? If you’re a doubter, so was I. But, as soon as I heard the words, “Annyeonghaseyo!” my heart skipped a beat, and I soon realized that I had finally come face to face with the love that will always have my heart –Korea.

Why have I fallen in love with Korea?

  1. Korean Heritage



Just like the Philippines, Korea has preserved its cultural heritage. What’s so lovable about Korea’s cultural heritage is that it has become contagious.It’s so amazing to see people around the world coming to Korea, wanting to experience it first hand. And one way is to experience it is to go to the National Palace Museum in Seoul, and watch the changing of the guards at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon.

  1. The Food


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Korean food has not changed that much in the last hundred years. Though it has become obvious that current Korean food has had some Western influence, it has stayed true to the simplicity of taste and the elegance of presentation, which makes it truly Korean.

  1. Winter

Most people who have been to Korea would prefer either spring or fall. But if it’s your first winter, I think Korea is one of the best places to be. The snow falling on your face is calming, and most of all clean. It makes you forget all the problems in the world. And, like a kid,you get to just savour the moment that you’re there.

  1. Love Does Exist

Namsan Seoul Tower is one of the most iconic tourist destinations in Korea. If you’re an avid fan of Korean drama, you would know this as a place where lovers meet up – making promises of an “undying” love, or simply where people hang up lovelocks– towish for someone to love or to forget the love they once had. All in all, the Tower is a reminder that love does exist – and you should never give up on it.

My love story with Korea may have ended, but I will always have wonderful memories of how this Land of the Morning Calm has captured my heart.

By: Sophie Sales