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    Do you believe in love at first sight? If you’re a doubter, so was I. But, as soon as I heard the words, “Annyeonghaseyo!” my heart skipped a beat, and I soon realized that I had finally come face to face with the love that will always have my heart –Korea. Why have I fallen… Read more »

  • mms1

    In celebration of the month of love, let me narrate one of my greatest frustrations in the twenty something years I’ve lived on this earth: the expectation that I should have at least been in one romantic relationship at this point in my life. This issue gets even more frustrating when people give me that… Read more »

  • ma

    The wet season only started to gain momentum and late June felt considerably dry. And so was the office. Few, scattered spurts of excitement (probably huddling on a stale joke or fresh gossips) would make the employees alive and that’s it. Lethargic. Torpid. Dull. Boring. No life, no feelings. A little bit of shakeup was needed!… Read more »

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    Author: Neil Alvin Ricardo   If modern nursing had a brand, it would have been “Florence Nightingale”. Principles in modern nursing are completely derived from the teachings and examples of Nightingalethat it is not hard to pick out particular practices that owe their existence to her influence. The Lady with a Lamp The English woman… Read more »

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    Author: Neil Alvin Ricardo   A good father. A shooting guard. A two-time Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Most Valuable Player (MVP). James Yap may have the disadvantage in height, but his skills can be in the international league. Yap, being an ordinary athlete during his University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) days, is now… Read more »

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    There’s a time for joy A time for tears A time we’ll treasure through the years We’ll remember always Graduation day   It’s MARCH again, it’s that time of year where we see hopeful faces wearing togas and carrying diplomas. Graduation! That bitter sweet event in our lives where we have to say goodbye to… Read more »