• 18373-earth-day

    Did you know that today April 22, 2016 is actually Earth day? I never knew until a random feed showed up on my Timeline (Facebook) and it actually got me thinking… “What can I actually do to contribute to a positive change?” (Earth day is an annual global event that is held to demonstrate support… Read more »

  • angel_baby

    Author: Kuya Em (Marcos F.L. Velasco), Production Staff  Everything that happened to me has a good reason. I am amenable of this. It was 2007 and I was expecting our baby to be born in September. I was so excited to have a son. I prepared a lot for his coming. I was even thinking of… Read more »

  • proud_to_be_daddy__s_girl

    Author: Joanne Grace U. Toledo (Billing Specialist)   As a girl, I had always dreamt of being pampered, taken good care off and being treated like a princess. But at my age, I cannot recall being treated that way at all. I don’t know if that was a selfish dream for me to have. After… Read more »

  • 2

    Author: Jayge Salvan (Online Moderator)   Goodbye, Dad. My siblings and I grew up in our mom’s province in Bicol without our dad beside us. My mom told us that we left him here in Baguio because he had another family. After their separation, Mom patiently took care of us on her own and did… Read more »

  • i'm_a_daddy's_girl_4-54089

    Author: Zelle Cuevas (Creative and IT Department) Dear Daddy, You are my first ever long distance relationship. When I was younger, I thought I’m lacking something I should have. But I realized I’m having it differently but not less. It may not be as pleasing as the world would perceive it, but it’s something only… Read more »

  • dad4

    Author: Kaisa Aquino (Online Moderator) My father is a gamer, a computer geek and a rocket-stove enthusiast. He is not what one would normally expect of a father: someone strict, snooty and pressuring. He believes in the importance of having a passion and taking things slow. When I told him about what I wanted to… Read more »