• 11 Pesos

    Since we moved to the New Office here at PEZA, the first thing I noticed was how different our expenses were as compared to our old POEA office (and the Mansion for that matter). It got me thinking… and Editing. It’s been over a year since I last created a Finding Memo Entry – so… Read more »

  • Segundo Manong

    During the First Rossking Party at “The Mansion” I took numerous photos of colleagues in funny and awkward poses/facial expressions, etc. Those photos are for my second installation of Movie Posters featuring Rossking Employees in various real and made-up movies from English and Tagalog films. (first installation found here: http://findingmemo.newmediaservices.com.au/nms-goes-to-the-movies/) For all of the persons… Read more »

  • RN-NR Center

    Old pictures, edits and stuff I haven’t uploaded… (2010-2012) 1. Tweedle Dee 2. Finally Found this! I though I lost the File.   3. Oprahligo   4. An edit of the Poster “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”     5. Rio De Francisco   6. Old Mock-Issue of NOX page 1   7. Old… Read more »

  • The Mad Hatter Party (well, hats, wigs, hair-accessories, etc…) is the first Company Party for the year 2012. With all the changes within the company, it’s nice to know one thing is still constant – we’re still all quirky, fun-lovin’ weirdos with a readiness to accept the serious along with the silly. Here are a… Read more »

  • 1. Bodily Joke of the Year (Male) – Mole Jokes 2. Bodily Joke of the Year (Female) – Boobs (Right Rosa?!) 3. Chat Reply of the Year – “I Agree” 4. Email Reply of the Year – “Noted” 5. Most Common Blasted Email of the Year – Leave Application 6. Top Theme Party of the… Read more »

  • The Christmas Party was planned out to involve glow sticks, heavy food and even heavier drinks. What we got was stained white clothes from glow stick fluid, food made for 110 people finished by 50+ people and roaming tequila bottles. The night started late at about 10:00pm which is quite a long shot from 8:00pm… Read more »