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    As a work-from-home mom for about a year, I took the challenge of becoming a manager. At that time, my experience in terms of business operations was very limited, and in my heart the only goal I had was to reach out to more people – to be able to inspire them to do their… Read more »

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    What makes a party a success are the people in attendance and their willingness to contribute to the enjoyment. Not the Location. Not the budget… Just the people.

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    It is not uncommon for beauty contests to be held during special festivals; but to have a male, a female, and a gay pageant done simultaneously? That’s something I’ve only ever encountered in NMS. NMS PAGEANT ALL STARS is one of – if not THE highlight of this year’s NMS Olympics. The event was something… Read more »

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    A little break from a usual routine is something we all look forward to. Who doesn’t love a thrill and fun activity amidst work? This, among others, is the reason why New Media Services-Philippines (NMS-Ph) Olympics has been a thing since April 2013. It has become a part of our culture as a way of… Read more »

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    After the Theme Week that gave us the rare chance to ditch our black and red uniforms, which is often associated us to inmates because of those bold numbers, it took a while to get an exciting news. Being on your shift while wearing fantasy costumes or comfortable pajamas suddenly transformed the office into a… Read more »

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    Last October 29, 2015 was the day that solely dedicated for the NMS team together with their family and guests to sit back, relax and enjoy the sun kissed morning and afternoon. However, it turned out to be a thrilled and exciting affair wherein everyone, including the company staffs, actively participated in every activity comprised… Read more »